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all related8 This is the first official confirmation of the movie (which will employ local crew members) and the first we’re hearing directly from the people involved. Lee himself has denied numerous interview requests over the past few weeks. You have to wonder if the intensity of the response to the movie’s title caught he and his collaborators off guard. Whatever the reason, they waited a full month before addressing the pushback. In that intervening silence, many jumped to the conclusion that the film will be a grim story of violence in the Englewood neighborhood, and judging by Thursday remarks alone, you can see why that perception exists. However, earlier this week ScreenDaily reported that the script is a modern day re imagining of the ancient Greek comedy In the bawdy original by Aristophanes, the women of Greece band together and withhold sex until their men put an end to war. The play is no escapist jape, but rather a savvy use of comedy to address serious themes about the extreme toll violence has

at his dealership. "It is terrible," he says, "and, unfortunately, it happened to us as a dealership. Believe me, I felt for the guy. We were upset about it. He can’t replace that current car today because maybe it’s $60,000. But he’s also going to get a five year newer car [with the settlement]." Declaring a 2008 Shelby GT500 a total loss repairs would cost more than the car’s actual cash value reflects the catastrophic damage to Mastroianni’s vehicle. "For a vehicle that valuable to
NFL jerseys be totaled, the amount of damage would have to be stupendous," says Daniel Blinn, a consumer lawyer in Rocky Hill who devotes much of his practice to auto related cases. Hill says his employers were operating the vehicle properly. (No one was injured in the accident.) "I don’t know if it was the conditions or what happened," he says. "We don’t go out and beat on cars. They lost it in the sand. The car spun out and
Wholesale jerseys got totaled." When a dealer damages your car, its insurance generally

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