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What NFL team recently wore throwback Houston Oilers jerseys

Kathy on Facebook feels funny seeing the Tennessee Titans preparing to wear old Houston Oilers uniforms Sunday night in the Hall of Fame Game and three more times during the regular season.

I tweeted early in practice that I found the light blue helmets „visually arresting.“ They’ll be paired james harden jersey with blue jerseys and white pants for the game.

A lot of people seem russell westbrook jersey torn up over the concept,nhl jersey size chart 524,anthony davis jersey, but the facts are the facts. The two franchises are one, brandon knight jersey and in a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the AFL, it’s appropriate for the Titans to give a nod to their previous life as the Oilers.

Vince Young grew dwight howard jersey up in Houston rooting for the Oilers, and nhl jerseys cheap said he’s michael jordan jersey excited about the chance to put on a uniform of the team that became the Tennessee Oilers in 1997, and became extinct two years later when the change over to Titans became official.

„It doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable,mlb jersey size chart 819, I’m pretty excited about it,“ Young said. „A lot of memories, a whole bunch of memories. It’s the team’s history. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been talking to [fellow Houstonian and rookie cornerback Ryan] Mouton all day, I was like ‚These guys don’t know anything about this on their helmet right now.‘ So we’ve been having fun with it.

„Definitely they look sharp, I’m a big fan of it. It’s a dream come true, growing up watching the Oilers, watching Chris Chandler, Warren Moon,anthony davis jersey, Lamar Lathon . I know a lot of the history of the Oilers. dirk nowitzki jersey It’s very cool to put the logo on.“

Here’s some further debate on teams carrying their history with them after they move,anthony davis jersey.

Brad Meyers wrote on Facebook:

„Hey Paul, how do you think Raven’s fans would like it if they wore „throwback“ browns helmets, or the Chiefs fans if they had to wear Dallas Texan throwbacks? A lot of mlb jersey us without accents don’t like it. I also don’t like the fact that Warren Moon, George Blanda and Earl Campbell are on the Titan’s steve nash nike nfl jerseys jersey ring of honor. Once the former city got a new team those type of ties should stick with the city. Not the franchise. All that said the helmets are sharp. Just not a big fan of the fact that we have to wear them.“

I understand that thinking, and it’s nice that the Browns‘ history stayed in Cleveland as part of their deal to relocate to Baltimore. But the fact is, an owner owns the team and the team comes with history.

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