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District looks into removing newly planted trees The Laguna Beach Unified School District board is considering removing some or all of the 80 trees planted around the Laguna Beach High School baseball field after neighbors complained about potential view blockages and fire hazards. The board directed district staff Tuesday to research costs to remove the trees planted on 60,000 square feet of slope along St. Ann’s Drive and Wilson Street. Crews planted five types of trees last fall
MLB jerseys but residents have called for their removal. The neighbors are most concerned about 10 lemon scented gum trees, a kind of eucalyptus, and 10 coast live oaks, for their potential heights. Lemon scented gums can reach 90 feet tall while the oaks can rise 70 feet, according to a district staff report. Residents are also leery of 18 red flowering gum trees because they claim flowers stain the sidewalks and the trees also drop sap. A majority of the oaks and lemon scented gums are planted at or above the center line of the slope, which irked

Dealing with Getting Fired Getting fired from a position can be a very disheartening and mind blowing experience. Maybe you saw it coming and
NFL jerseys china maybe you didn’t. Maybe you were to blame or maybe it wasn’t your fault at all. However, the truth of the matter is that millions of people (just like you) get fired every single day and although it hurts them just the same, they learn from the experience and go out and find even better positions than they previously had. So, how can you turn that negative experience into a positive one? By following these proven tips, that’s how.Come to terms with your termination. Remember that it is completely normal to feel a sense of loss and sorrow and to worry what the future holds. Your feelings are valid and should not be discounted. Maybe you’re worried that you will experience financial hardship, that you won’t find a new job right away, or that your reputation will suffer. These are all normal concerns and instead of hiding from them, address them head on and figure out how you

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